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Monday 18 February 2013

Photo Editing Programs

I like to take photos in the classroom. Students works, seating plans, bulletin boards, student work, field trips, just everything. September to December I did monthly slideshows for my class but after Christmas break I haven't done one (yet) planning one soon....

But I love this collage making program, I think I may use it for some of my class photos.

http://pixlr.com/ is a photo editor that allows you to make collages and such in minutes. Although it doesn't have as many features as photoshop, that is part of what makes it simpler and faster to use.

Check out Tech Tailgate for step by step instructions and demonstrations   written by http://teachingsuperpower.blogspot.ca/

•Go to pixlr.com and choose Pixlr Express
•Select Collage
•Click on Layout and select your collage style
•Moving your mouse over any of the boxes will activate the blue plus button.  Click on it and select your picture.  You can click on the picture with your mouse to move it around and adjust it inside the box.
•Use the Spacing tool to change your border size, the Roundness tool for an Instagram rounded corner effect, or the Proportion tool if you want a more wider/tall layout.  Click on the color box to change the background color.


Here are some other sites I have seen or heard of (but not tried)






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