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Saturday 16 February 2013

Watching Someone... Behaviour Management idea...

Found this on a website and it reminded me of the "magic spot" (during clean up there is one item and whoever picks it up gets the "prize" or reward) This one, however, deals with behaviour....
Right before my class leaves for an assembly or a field trip, I tell my students that I am going to be watching 2 students in particular to see how their behavior is. I do not tell them who those 2 students I have chosen will be. I tell them that if these 2 students are behaving well and doing what they are supposed to, the entire class will be given a special treat on our return back to the classroom (10 minutes extra recess, free reading time, a math game, etc.) This really helps ALL of my student behave because no one knows who I am going to have my eye on! If the result is a positive one, I let everyone know at the end who was responsible for the class privilege. High "fives' go up everywhere! If the result is negative, I do not mention the names but let my students know that we will try again the next time.

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